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Rolling Your Own CDN - Build A 3 Continent CDN For $25 In 60 minutes

For a fun end of the week project, we thought we would roll our own CDN using Go GeoDNS, DigitalOcean, Docker and Nginx.
Step 1: Order a DNS instance from DigitalOcean.

We chose SFO and the 2nd smallest instance.


Many of us setup DNS info to point here (equally NS1 and NS2 point here for ease of setup). These are A records.


Step 2: Install Docker and run with �coocood/geodns� image on the DNS example

See https://index.docker.io/u/coocood/geodns for detail.
Step 3: Order the particular CDN �edge� instances for Nginx via DigitalOcean.

We used the smallest instance. We setup DNS for this example using them:

test-sfo-do.set up.io San Francisco $5/mo
test-jfk-do.set up.io New You are able to $5/mo
test-sin-do.deploy.io Singapore $5/mo
test-ams-do.deploy.io Amsterdam $5/mo

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